Instagram Mentorship Program:  (Currently Discontinued)

Is ideal for niche based influencers and personal accounts who want to grow their account the right way.

– Audit of your Instagram account
– Creating a perfect profile/bio
– Defining your content strategy and content types
– Key mobile apps and how to create your content on the go.
– Hashtags research and and how to apply them.
– Publishing techniques and analyzing insights
– Platform usage for content distribution.
– Growth hacking strategies & techniques

Duration: 3 days
Total Time: 90 minutes
Daily: 30 minutes online 1 on 1 taught live on video conferencing app “Zoom”
Current Price: Rs 7500

*For individuals only not brands


"The program is just so amazing I never ever thought of Instagram having so amazing potential before taking Ali raja 's program. This man surely knows the game so deep, the Hashtags, the content strategy, the timings, analytics and everything related to boost up your Instagram just to focus on your content and quality over quantity makes you give this platform a try. I would suggest to everyone who's struggling on IG and don't know How can you get there just go and take this program. The insight knowledge you'll get from him is remarkable. Specially related to Pakistani market. Hands down for his course seriously!"
"Had a great experience learning from him, I highly recommend if someone wants to learn how the Insta world runs....you need to talk to Sir Ali. 10/10 Would Recommend"
"It was an amazing session with Ali Raja. learned lots of informative things about Instagram.
Each and every session was highly engaging and every day got homework. Thank you sir for giving me your precious times.
Those who are really serious about instagram growth...go and check it out the page...I'm sure u will definitely learn something new..
I'm Happy."
"Just finished my Instagram mentorship program with the amazing Ali Raja! I would recommend it anyone looking to revolutionise
their instagram game it was extremely eye opening and very informative can't wait to put what I have learnt to good use."
"Successfully done my mentorship program with Ali Raja, he was really kind and helpful throuhgout the program. all the session were ver informative. Thank you sir for everything 💯"
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