My name is Ali Raja and I have 10 years of experience in social media marketing. I have marketed and managed more than 100 brands and run 1000’s of advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. I have also taught more than 100 students, managers, startups, influencers and small business owners. So if you are serious about your social media marketing, Instagram is the platform of 2020 to learn and train yourself on. 

In my online Paid Facebook Membership Group I have:

20 – 25  hand picked serious students
35 videos on step by step Instagram Marketing – 90 minutes of videos
15 plus hours of previous live stream sessions covering various growth strategies and much more
Active member discussions
Fun group based and individual assignment & activities moderated by experienced influencers and instructors
I also do weekly or biweekly “Live Streams” along with my moderators to train students and assess their performance.

Currently the pricing of the program is only Rs 5000 for 2 months program.  The price is low  because it’s group based learning and I enjoy teaching and connecting with people.




"I wanted to work on my Instagram account but was at a loss as i had zero social media presence and almost no aptitude for it. I started following Ali Raja and approached him, he invited me to join the group if i am serious about it. I have been learning the ropes of the game and despite being a novice have started getting followers. The best part about Ali Raja is that he doesn't rush you into it, unless he is completely satisfied with the quality of work and how he wants you to move, and amazingly patient and helpful in every step. A very detailed training program which is tailor made for your niche and takes you step by step towards your goal of organic growth. I definitely recommend him,if you are serious and want a targeted growth."
I started using Instagram way back in 2015. I was ignorant about it. I did not know how to use it. No engagements & impressions. I wondered how people got followers at a rapid pace on Instagram. Thank God I found @aliraja. He made the app so easy. At the start, hashtags were a completely new term for me. He explained hashtag strategies in a complete hour-long lecture. In addition to that, I learned the importance of post timings plus how to create valuable content that converts visitors into followers. Also, he revealed several valuable applications that helped me to create, adjust and beautify my videos and photographs. I am lucky to be part of his Facebook group. The group is very engaging. Every week, separate tasks are assigned to each brand and coach according to their niche audience. Moreover, he interacts with us through Livestream once in a week. I would never recommend @aliraja to those who are trying to find different hacks and cheap ways to increase their fellowship on Instagram. Instagram is an emerging platform where businesses and individuals can prove themselves and take their market share. And @aliraja knows how to direct traffic and the market share for you.
I had been following Sir Ali Raja since a year and tried to follow his tricks & tips but then finally one day I planned to join his Paid Group. After joining & completely following his guidance just changed my post reach in every manner. I think he is doing a great job by teaching people who want to grow their Instagram account, there are hardly any people who teach like this and actually cares for his students without charging thousands. I am so glad I found Sir like Ali Raja Thank you!🙏
When I initially reached out to Sensei (Ali Bhai), I was very happy to see someone from Pakistan working with influencers. Usually you see lots of international ones which charge an arm and a leg for their programs. But for Sensei, it isn’t about the money. He truly cares about his students and the work we do. This level of investment, dedication and effort isn’t something money can buy and it’s only because Ali Bhai is that sort of a person. I call him ‘Sensei’ for a reason - it’s an earned title; he is my Instagram mentor. And I’m also very lucky to be able to call him my good friend too. Thank you, Sensei! Instagram growth would defo not be the same without you 🙏🏽🙌🏽👏🏽💞☺️

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