I also consult for clients at a high level. I bring to them my 10 years of social media marketing experience after working with 100’s of brands and spending millions of dollars in Facebook & Instagram ad spent.

Some of the clients I consult for are  FDPP Fazal Din Pharma Plus & Almas.
As a result this is what I achieved for them in 2019:

2019 Performance:

Fazal Din Franchise Sales: 20 Franchises approximately worth 40 Million in sales
Almas: Number 1 store in September 2019 sales wise from all their 5 retail stores in Pakistan – Approximately worth 5 Million a month in sales

What did I do for them:

They simple hired me to enhance their sales through social media marketing either for creating a powerful video campaign to a targeted audience or by doing their complete advertising audit, online sales analysis and giving them my suggestions, recommendations and method of implementation.

What can I do for your online brand?

I will do a complete analysis or an audit of your objective or your e-commerce platform in the following way:

  • Data analysis of your last 6 months sales figures to determine your short comings
  • Analysis based on content strategy, advertising placements & targeted audience
  • Suggestions and recommendations on your content & advertising strategy using new features
  • How to increase your conversions organically based on your customer  data

    This is for high end clients whose growth have become stagnant and they want to take their sales to another level.

Consultancy charges start from Rs 50,000 and go up to Rs 500,000. This is for serious brands only not for startups or small businesses.

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