If you are a startup, brand or an influencer who is struggling with their Instagram or cannot afford to pay expensive social media marketing firms every month then this program is for you.
My Instagram mastery program will give you direction, help you not only grow both organically and through paid tactics but will also generate leads that converts into revenue. 
Facebook organic reach is dead but NOT Instagram. If you are in Fashion, Food, Lifestyle or Travel and still not on Instagram you are missing out big time. 70% of sales are now taking place through Instagram.

My name is Ali Raja I have 10 years of social media marketing experience I have marketed & managed renowned accounts in the past like Elan, Zara Shahjahan, Crescent by Faraz Mannan, Saira Rizwan, OLX Pakistan and many more in various niches. I have also grown various brands instagram accounts to 100k, 250k and 1 million at one point or another on Instagram. 

I have also recently trained, coached and consulted for various brands such as Almas, Meeras, Amina Raja, Pink Pistachio, Masoom and many more including startups and influencers.

With so much experience under my belt I have made a “Instagram Mastery Program” 1 on 1 VIP coaching session on Instagram Mastery that will be based on your brand and is conducted Live in person or online on a simple video conferencing mobile app. So if you are ready to take your Instagram to the next level keep reading!

The training & intensive coaching session will highlight the following:

  1. Detailed Audit of your Instagram Business Account
  2. Creating  a Business Profile that converts 
  3. Defining your content strategy in lieu of your business and identifying content types along with content ideas.
  4. Key mobile apps for content creation and how to create awesome content the way professional brands do
  5. How to write engaging post captions, publishing techniques tips and tricks.
  6. Importance of hashtags, how to research, various strategies, identifying hashtags based on your niche audience to get you FREE organic traffic.
  7. Best practices to engage with your audience.
  8. Monitoring Insights, key metrics to look out for that can help you create content that people love.
  9. Paid advertising strategies for post & story to generate leads, engagement and targeted followers.
  10. Latest 2020 growth hacking techniques & secrets that work
  •  After my 1 on 1 coaching session, you will have a strong grip on Instagram and if implemented properly can do wonders for your business.


Direct access and support to my online Facebook group that has online video tutorials and content for 1 month worth Rs 6000.

1 on 1 Coaching Session Details:

Any working day depends on availability LIVE at Kickstart, Lahore or ONLINE on video conferencing mutually agreed upon
Level: Basic or Intermediate
In 1 Day – Total 90 minutes hands on session
Currently *Rs 20,000 – $160 dollars – 90 minutes session
FREE 1 month support & access to my  Facebook Group for Q & A and access to my Udemy Course rated 4.5




I took marketing coaching session with Mr. Ali Raja, in which he thoroughly explained and helped me with my vision of a start-up project. I’m glad we have Ali Raja's expertise here where there is so much talent and people can seek professional guidance to running their business effectively and more efficiently. Good luck to him and his entire team!
Sofia Khan
Fashion Consultant
I had been following Sir Ali Raja since a year and tried to follow his tricks & tips but then finally one day I planned to join his Paid Group. After joining & completely following his guidance just changed my post reach in every manner. I think he is doing a great job by teaching people who want to grow their Instagram account, there are hardly any people who teach like this and actually cares for his students without charging thousands. I am so glad I found Sir like Ali Raja Thank you!🙏​
I started using Instagram way back in 2015. I was ignorant about it. I did not know how to use it. No engagements & impressions. I wondered how people got followers at a rapid pace on Instagram. Thank God I found @aliraja. He made the app so easy. At the start, hashtags were a completely new term for me. He explained hashtag strategies in a complete hour-long lecture. In addition to that, I learned the importance of post timings plus how to create valuable content that converts visitors into followers. Also, he revealed several valuable applications that helped me to create, adjust and beautify my videos and photographs. I am lucky to be part of his Facebook group. The group is very engaging. Every week, separate tasks are assigned to each brand and coach according to their niche audience. Moreover, he interacts with us through Livestream once in a week. I would never recommend @aliraja to those who are trying to find different hacks and cheap ways to increase their fellowship on Instagram. Instagram is an emerging platform where businesses and individuals can prove themselves and take their market share. And @aliraja knows how to direct traffic and the market share for you.
Aymen Habib
Motivational Coach
Brands | Startups | Influencers Trained

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